Kodi on Pi

These are the links to a series of posts on how I set up a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B as a Kodi box running OSMC. The posts explain how to set up, install and configure the necessary hardware and software.

On completing these steps you will be able to connect your Pi to your TV and operate Kodi using your chosen device (TV remote, mobile app etc).

You will also be able to make a “headless” connection to the Pi from your PC while it is still connected to your TV i.e. you won’t need to disconnect the Pi from your TV or plug a keyboard/mouse into the Pi. You will be able to access and operate both the command line and the Kodi user interface of the Pi in a window on your PC.


Step 1: Set up Pi hardware

Step 2: Install OSMC on SD card

Step 3: First boot and set up headless terminal

Step 4: Set up headless OSMC using VNC

Step 5: Create Pi directory which can be accessed from your PC

Step 6: Install Kodi add-ons from a repo

Step 7: Install Kodi additional repos

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