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Rapsberry Pi: Mount a windows share as a Pi directory

This post describes how to set up a shared folder on your PC and then mount it as a directory on your Raspberry Pi. This is useful for projects that will be writing large files and you don’t want to risk filling up your SD card, for example when using the camera.

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Kodi on Pi using OSMC with headless access

This is a series of posts on how I set up a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B as a Kodi box running OSMC.

My aim was to do the set up “headless” i.e. the Pi just needs a power supply and network connection and you access it via your Windows PC using its monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Full headless set up should be possible, but I chose to connect the Pi to a monitor and mouse for the first boot of the Pi (step 3) so I could see what happens and do the initial set up of Kodi.

Once you’ve completed the set up you will have full headless access to the Pi which means you can leave it plugged into your TV and have both the command line and the Kodi user interface open in a window on your PC.


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