How to stop ELMAH logging repeating errors

A system I look after uses ELMAH for logging errors which works very effectively.

However, there have been a couple of occasions recently where we have experienced network problems between our web and database servers and this resulted in a stream of over 9000 ELMAH error log files being created; these were all of type Win32Exception.

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Raspberry Pi, Raspian

Rapsberry Pi: Set up a Raspian base build with headless access

This post explains how I set up a “base build” of Raspian as a starting point for my Pi projects.

The idea is to have an image of Raspian configured for my environment with certain features, such VNC and folders shared with my PC. Hence when I start a new project (or get into a mess with something and want to start again) I can just copy my base build image to the SD card and I have a nice clean install of Raspian all set up the way I want in just a couple minutes.

The plan is to keep this post updated so I have a reference to what’s installed and configured on my base build.

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