BT Home Hub 5, OpenVPN Server, Raspberry Pi

Set up port fowarding for OpenVPN on BT Home Hub 5

This post explains how to set up port forwarding on a BT Home Hub 5 for OpenVPN. I have OpenVPN server running on Raspberry Pi which needed port forwarding set up to allow devices to connect.

Connect your Raspberry Pi to your home network.

  1. Open your browser and enter in the address bar to open the Hone Hub admin page.
  2. Click Advanced Settings and enter your Admin user password
  3. Click on Continue to Advanced Settings
  4. Click on Firewall
  5. Click Manage games and applications (just above the Apply and Cancel buttons)
  6. Click Add new game or application
  7. For Game/application name: enter OpenVPN
  8. For Copy an existing game/application: click No
  9. For Protocol select UDP
  10. For Port Range enter 1194 in both fields
  11. For Translate To enter 1194 in both fieldshome hub create OpenVPN app. PNG
  12. Click Add then Apply then Back to Port Forwarding
  13. In the Game or Application drop-down list select OpenVPN
  14. In the Device drop-down list select pi-osmc (i.e. the name of your Pi on your network)
  15. Click the Add button then click the Apply button

Port forwarding should now set up to direct OpenVPN traffic to your Pi.



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